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roofing Lawrenceville GA professionals suggest roofing inspection checklist

Regular roof inspections should be essential tasks in any roof maintenance session – According to roofing Lawrenceville GA professionals, here is a checklist for you to know what you need to include:

  • Roof flashing – the stripes of material installed around roof openings and in roof valleys play a very important protective role, but they are sensitive to cracking and other forms of mechanical damage, so any such fault needs to be detected and remedied in a timely manner;
  • The roof vents – the intake and the exhaust vents are responsible for maintaining the temperature of the roof and of the attic as low as possible, so check them for clogs or any accumulation of debris;
  • The roof surface – you need to check the entire surface of your roof, inch by inch, step by step. Look for cracks, holes, punctures, dents, discolorations, for any sign that might indicate damage caused by water, solar radiation, infestation with critters, hail or snow;
  • The chimneys – the walls of the chimneys on your roof, the chimney interiors and the chimney caps also need your attention;
  • The gutters and the downspouts – the health of your roof depends on how efficiently your gutters can direct water away from the building, so don’t neglect the gutter pipes, check them for any rust, sagging, damaged components, cracks or holes.