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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

Lawrenceville roofing contractors

Water is one of the worst enemies of roofs, an insidious enemy that usually acts slowly. According to seasoned Lawrenceville roofing contractors, here are the roof problems that you should pay increased attention to if you live in a humid climate zone:

  • Rot, mold and mildew in the attic area – the problem is caused either by improper ventilation underneath the roof or by cracks or punctures on the roofing surface through which water penetrates into the deeper layers of the roofing structure and into the attic. If the problem lingers for too long, it will cause the wooden parts of the roof to weaken, to start sagging and to collapse, eventually;
  • Excessive moisture in your rooms – excessive humidity in your home is usually passed on from the higher levels of the building, such as the attic. If your home used to have fresh, dry air and that has changed all of a sudden, the culprit is most probably your roof;
  • Frequent leaks – an occasional leak is likely to be caused by a shingle or tile being damaged by a storm or by some other form of impact, but if you repair one leak and the next one appears, it might be a sign that your roof has been damaged by prolonged exposure to water and lets water through.
  • Call Lawrenceville roofing contractors for quality inspection, repair, and installation to avoid future roofing problems caused by storm and moisture.