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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

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Roofing materials are developed to endure a lot of beating from the elements, but not all of them offer the same durability. Here are some of the most durable solutions:

  • Clay and cement tiles – these materials are among the most durable ones used on roofs today, offering a longevity of around 100 years. Durability comes for a price – clay and cement are not the cheapest materials –, but the low maintenance needs of the materials and their attractive appearance makes them worthwhile;
  • Metal – the metal sheets and tiles used for making roofs can provide protection from the elements for around 40 years. Metal is also a material that does not need any special maintenance, other than the semi-annual inspections and cleaning that all roofs need;
  • Slate – the slate roofs made from natural stone can be expected to stay on your building for around 100 years, while the ones made from composite material offer a durability of around 40-60 years Slate is also among the more expensive materials, but the material’s unique beauty makes it the best solution for classic buildings;
  • Built-up roofs – these solutions consist of alternated layers of tar paper or bitumen and gravel and are mainly used for building flat roofs. With proper maintenance, BUR can last for around three decades.

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