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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

Lawrenceville flat roofing company

Flat roofs are increasingly popular these days – while in the past, they were mostly used on commercial and industrial buildings, today they are commonly used on modern residential buildings, bringing all their benefits to homes as well. What makes flat roofs so appreciated is certainly their resistance and durability – features that can be enjoyed for the time that the roof is warranted for only with proper roof maintenance. Here are some of the most important flat roof maintenance tasks:

  • Semi-annual inspections and cleaning for the roof surface as well as for the adjacent components – snow and airborne debris, such as dust, dried leaves, feathers and twigs, can deposit on flat roofs more easily, therefore cleaning these roof surfaces regularly is essential. Ideally, you should clean your flat roof and the gutters that make up the roof drainage system in spring and in fall. Regular inspections followed by timely repairs are likely to reduce the risk of major faults you should also perform a thorough inspection of the entire structure to identify faults;
  • Coating – most materials used for building flat roofs can be treated with UV resistant and waterproofing coatings. These products will enhance the roof’s reflectivity, thus reducing its temperature and can also improve its resistance to the harmful action of water, so they can significantly prolong the life of your flat roof.

Talk to practiced Lawrenceville roofing company flat roof experts for additional ways to maintain your flat roof and increase its longevity.