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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

roofers in Snellville offer free estimates

Did you know that roofing contractors offer free roofing estimates as an incentive to hire them to install, maintain or repair your roof? This is one of the way roofers are trying to prove their professionalism to their customers and win their goodwill.

What Does a Free Roofing Estimate Include?

Professional roofing contractors will include the following elements in a free estimate:

  1. Time Frame until Completion

In demand roofers in Snellville vouch that the estimate should include not only the deadline, but also important milestones, such as installing the insulation, installing the beams and applying the protective coating.

  1. Schedule of Labor and Materials

The contractor must specify how many workers will be working on your roof, each type of material used and the quantities.

  1. Cost of Permits

Every town and city has regulations concerning construction works. Thus, your roofing contractors should obtain permits on your behalf to work on your roof. The cost for these permits must be included in the free estimate.

  1. Cost of Cleanup

Any roofing works generates waste. Thus, the roofing contractor should include in the estimate the cost for renting a dumpster and eliminating the waste in compliance with local laws and regulations.

  1. Warranty

Last but not least, the roofing contractor should include the relevant warranties for the materials they will use and for the workmanship.