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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

Before you sign a contract with a Lawrenceville roofing contractor for roof installation, repair or replacement, you need to have all the relevant information. A roof is a very important investment, both in terms of money and future safety of your home. Thus, you must be assured that you get the best quality for you money.

Certified Lawrenceville roofing company

Here are the critical questions you should ask your Lawrenceville roofing contractor:

  1. Do You Hold All Proper Licensing?

A roofing contractor should be fully licensed and insured. Certified Lawrenceville roofing company contractors can offer warranty for their workmanship, which is legally binding to them. Also, your insurance company and mortgage agency will accept work only from certified contractors. Moreover, the contractor should have Worker’s Comp – thus, in case one of their employees has an accident while working on your roof, you will not be liable.

  1. How Will You Protect the Rest of My Property from Damage?

Installing or repairing a roof is not without risks. Workers can drop shingles or install fixing accessories that may damage your walls, windows or driveway. Your Lawrenceville roofing contractor should explain to your satisfaction all the safety and protection measures their workers will take while working on your roof.

  1. Do I Have Proper Ventilation and Insulation in the Attic?

Inadequate ventilation just beneath the roof can cause many future problems, including a high level of moisture that may lead to the formation of mold and mildew. At the same time, roof insulation can be inspected from the inside of the house to determine its integrity. Thus, make sure that the contractor performs a full inspection of the attic.