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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

As days become shorter and colder, most homeowners are working on winter preparations. Your home will have to fare another season of blistering cold, heavy snows and freezing winds.  Thus, it must be in good condition and to ensure that, you need to make a careful inspection and fix all the potential problems.

Wages Roofing

According to Wages Goldstar Roofing,, here are the key elements you need to pay extra care to:

  1. The Roof

The roof literally keeps the wind and snow out of your home, so it must be in perfect condition to weather yet another winter. The main issues you must check are:

  • The shingles – are they intact, cracked or curling? Those need replacing;
  • The insulation under the roof – is it intact, or do you need to repair it?
  • The flashing – is it continuous and adheres perfectly to the roof and the wall?
  1. The Gutters

The gutters help drain the water from the roof to avoid pooling. They are prone to getting clogged by dead leaves, tree branches and other debris. You must clean them and check that water drains properly and is diverted away from your house.

  1. Trees Growing Close to the House

Trees near your home provide much needed shade during the summer, but may pose a danger to it during winter. You must trim all overhanging branches, because they may get broken by high winds and heavy snow and cause significant damage to the roof.