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Your Residential Roof Inspection Checklist

Regular roof inspections should be essential tasks in any roof maintenance session – According to roofing Lawrenceville GA professionals, here is a checklist for you to know what you need to include: Roof flashing – the stripes of material installed around roof...

Tips for Choosing Durable Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are developed to endure a lot of beating from the elements, but not all of them offer the same durability. Here are some of the most durable solutions: Clay and cement tiles – these materials are among the most durable ones used on roofs today,...

Elements of a Roofing System

If you are considering a home repair project, it is essential to know that the roof is the key to protect the house from bad weather. The durability of the roof, the installation and the quality of the materials are of the utmost importance. In the following lines, we...

Benefits of Roof Certification

Having your roof certified may be important when you sell your home or when you get past a loan approval process. However, there are mixed opinions about getting roof certification. Many highly-reputable roofing contractors will not commonly issue certifications, and...

Snellville Gutter Installation Project

Check out one of our latest gutter installation projects in Snellville, GA. If you need reliable gutter installation contractors, contact Wages Goldstar Roofing & Gutters today! We promise to deliver exceptional results every time.

Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Roof Repair Company

It is of utmost importance to hire a reliable roofing contractor when your roof needs repairs, to get quality services for the money you pay. When you identify and evaluate roofers, make sure to ask at least the following questions, because the answers you will get...

The Importance of Attic Ventilation

The necessity of insulating the attic is unlikely to be questioned by anyone. However, many people unfortunately forget about ventilation, to maintain the indoor thermal comfort.  Correct ventilation of the attic not only ensures a constant temperature, but also...

Benefits of Scheduling Annual Roofing Inspections

Scheduling regular, annual roofing inspections carried out by a local roofing expert is the best way to ensure the health of your roof and to prolong its lifetime – here are some of the benefits: Roofs can suffer in silence – roofing issues are rarely noticeable from...

The Common Roofing Materials for Residential Roofs

Roofing design as well as the materials that today’s roofs are made from have become varied, allowing homeowners to create unique designs that make their homes stand out. According to established Lawrenceville roofing company contractors, here are some of the most...

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