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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

Lawrenceville roofing

Are you considering performing the annual roof inspection by yourself? Do you want to check that area where shingles appear to be loose? Before you prop the stepladder to the side of the house, stop and consider: do you really know what you are doing? Have you taken all the necessary precaution measures? The answer is probably not, and this is why you should let your local Lawrenceville roofer do the job.

Here are just a few reasons to hire a certified Lawrenceville roofing technician nstead of attempting DIY work:

  1. You Don’t Know What to Look For

Do you really know what a roof inspection involves? Reading articles on the internet is not enough. Your eye is not trained to notice tiny cracks on the roof, which will cause a major problem in the future if they are not fixed now. What about that discoloration? Is it normal for the shingles to change color after some years, or is it a sign they are approaching the end of life?

  1. You Could Cause Damage to the Roof

If you slip on the roof and don’t know how to gain purchase, you may actually dislodge or break several perfectly good shingles or dent a metal roof. Professional roofers know how to walk on a roof, what kind of footwear to use and how to break a potential fall. There is no replacement for hand-on experience on the job, so watching tutorials on YouTube won’t be any good for you.

  1. You Cannot Estimate the Depth of Damage

Roof damage is not just at the surface, it can go deep into the underlay and the insulation. Just because you find a few damaged shingles and use elbow grease to replace them does not mean that you fixed the problem. A Lawrenceville roofing specialist will investigate each damaged area in detail and recommend the solution that deals with the entire issue.