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avoid roofing scams - call reputable Lawrenceville roofing pros

Finding a good Lawrenceville roofer might seem like an easy task, but the industry is affected by scammers who either trick homeowners into paying for services that are not delivered or provide subpar services. Here are some tips from reputable Lawrenceville roofing pros of the most common roofing scams:

  • Being asked to pay in advance – advance payments are not common practice in the roofing industry, so beware of any contractor who wants to make you pay before your roofing project is complete;
  • Storm chasers – these are roofers who show up at the doorsteps of desperate homeowners whose roofs have been damaged by the most recent storm. They can be very convincing, but they will either get away with the homeowner’s money, asking for a sum that is not too big to buy some materials and never returning or they charge for work that was not needed or not done;
  • Very low estimates – you should never hire any roofer for a major project without asking for and receiving detailed cost estimates from at least three roofers. Always compare the estimates in terms of quality and warranties as well – if the cheapest offer is too good to be true, it probably is and the contractor who provided it will probably cut corners when it comes to installation quality or to material quality.