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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

The material you choose for home siding combines your aesthetic preferences with practical needs. Since the aesthetics of the facade is very important, but its resistance to the action of external factors is not to be neglected, we present you a few materials you will want to consider.

  • A façade from natural stone will provide an association of colors and textures that you will not find in any other material. It will highlight the elegant aesthetic side of your facade. The thermal insulation is excellent. Protection against moisture penetration is provided at the highest parametric levels, and resistance to environmental factors, ultraviolet radiation and freeze-thaw cycles is remarkable.
  • Travertine tiles, beautiful and resistant, ensure both a special look and a particular durability. Travertine is a resistant rock that maintains its appearance over time. More than that, over the years, the patina of time makes it even more beautiful.
  • Slate is a hard rock, resistant to external factors and mechanical stresses. Its properties are highlighted in exterior cladding not only of facades but also of the roof. Slate siding can provide a wild natural aspect to the building, but also a rustic look, as well as industrial or urban touches. It also offers a perspective of perpetual resistance.
  • Sandstone is a hard and resistant material, with a variable porosity. You can use it to create an antique-looking facade or one that mimics wood cladding.
  • Limestone helps you create siding with archaic touches, elegant and rustic.

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