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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

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Roofing shingles are designed not only to protect your home from the elements, but also to look great, improve your home’s overall appeal and increase your home’s value. While the functional part is great, and can keep your home properly protected for years or even decades with just minimal improvements and maintenance, the visual appeal of your roof can require a makeover at times, and you might have to repaint it, especially if the old color has faded.

Whether you’re installing a new roof or just giving your old one a makeover, choosing the right color is important for both function and form. The best reason for choosing a certain color to influence function is to get your roof to absorb or reflect more sunlight. If you live in a cold environment, a darker and warmer shade of color is best to absorb more sunlight and retain more heat. The opposite is true for warmer climates.

To influence curb appeal in a positive way, you also have to look at the scenery, landscaping, environment and at the other houses in your neighborhood. A talented roofing contractor Lawrenceville pro advises that you choose colors that work well for the design of your roof – as well as to complement the color and texture of your siding – and to blend in harmoniously with your environment and with the neighboring buildings and houses.