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What can GOLDSTAR Roofing do for YOU?

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Many roofing contractors try to entice clients with “free estimates”. But do you really get anything for free? Or, if you get it, is it truly something of value? You should think very hard before accepting a free estimate, because your roof deserves professional installation, maintenance and repair.

Here are just some issues with free estimates:

  1. The Lowest Price Means Poor Quality

If an offer seems too good to be true, it generally isn’t. When roofers bid for a project with free estimates, it is understood that the lower  price will be the winner. But this means poor quality in materials and substandard workmanship. A professional Loganville roofing company committed to quality will not come up with the lowest price and lots of freebies, but you know that you get quality you can rely on.

  1. You End Up Paying for Other Free Estimates

Every business has expenses and needs to generate revenues – that is a basic condition for running a company. So, if the company offers free estimates and gets only 1 job after several attempts, that customer will end up paying for the other estimates. The contractor will add up their expenses and include them in the cost of workmanship or other roofing fees.

  1. You Will Pay for Your Free Estimate with Countless Repair Works

As stated above, when you want something cheap and with a few free services, you incur the risk of having unskilled laborers working on your roof with low grade materials. Soon enough, you will have to call the contractors for a repair work, then another, then another…In the end, your roof will cost more than if you accepted the offer of a reputable Loganville roofing company.